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Invalid PDF Structure in Edge browser only

This is a strange issue, and really your web hosting company may have to investigate. You may find that your web server sometimes redirects requests for the PDF file to your home page. If you enter the PDF URL directly

Download button opens PDF in a new tab

You may find that when you click on the 'download' button within the PDF viewer, the PDF opens in a new tab instead of downloading. This behavior normally happens in Chrome, and you might consider it annoying - when you

Keyboard Shortcuts for full screen mode

In full screen mode (Premium versions only), the following keyboard shortcuts can be used: Page Up / Down (Cmd + Up / Down on a Mac) - move to next/prev page Arrow keys - pan around the current page of

I see the 'View in Full Screen' overlay when I don't want it

You see the 'View in Full Screen' message when the PDF is embedded in too narrow a column. This is designed so that on mobile devices, the user always has to open in full screen rather than trying to grapple

Hyperlinks aren't working

Hyperlinks in your PDFs are only supported in the Premium (and Premium Secure) version of the plugin, so please make sure you are definitely using one of those versions. If your links are all displayed as URLs e.g. in

In the Premium version there is nowhere to enter the license key

In Settings -> PDF Embedder within your WordPress site, there should be a License tab, and there you can enter the license key you received in your purchase email. If there is no License tab, then you are almost certainly

Problems on mobile devices

Sometimes mobile devices will cause problems: Image quality is low - PDF appears pixellated and unreadable, or Toolbar is difficult to locate - it keeps moving out of view These can be caused be conflicts within your own site's settings,

The download doesn't seem to be a ZIP file

When you click the link to download the ZIP file for a plugin you've purchased, you may find that it appears to be a folder of files instead of one ZIP file. This is usually because Safari tries to be