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Drag and Drop Layout Builders

When using a theme that has a module based layout builder such as Elementor, WPBakery, DIVI Builder, Beaver Builder, etc. the regular embed method will result in the PDF appearing as a link instead of the expected embedded viewer. Most

Display PDF Download and Views in a Page or Post

Note: this code will only work with the Premium and Secure versions of the plugin and only with files served from the /wp-content/uploads directory on your server. You will need to write a bit of PHP for this feature. The

Gutenberg Editor and PDF Embedder

The PDF Embedder plugin v.4.0 for the free, Premium, and Secure versions work with WordPress v.5.0 and Gutenberg Editor plugin v.4.6.1. Open the Common Blocks menu and select the PDF Embedder: An element will be inserted into the page /

How best to add multiple PDFs to a single page or post

The Thumbnails plugin generates images of the PDF for you. You can display the thumbnails as a grid on a page or post; however, this is something you would do as part of editing your content rather than a plugin

Wrapping content around an embedded PDF

With a little bit of HTML / CSS you can accomplish this. You will likely want to set a default max-width in the plugin settings or you can use the width attribute to the shortcode to limit the viewer width

Display PDFs to paying users only

PDF Embedder doesn't provide a way to accept payment from users before they are allowed to view a PDF, but PDF Embedder Secure can be used in conjunction with other plugins to ensure PDFs are not available until users have

Automatically open in full screen mode?

There is no option to automatically open up in full screen mode. The best alternative is to create a 'full page' template in your theme that doesn't have many of the features of most pages (e.g. header menu and sidebars)

Auto-generate a WordPress page to embed the PDF

Generally, you will use the plugin to embed a PDF in a WordPress page through the 'Add Media' button in the page editor, selecting the PDF you want in the page. You can add further content above and below the

Stop the [pdf-embedder] shortcode being inserted into posts automatically

When you select a PDF from the Media Library to insert into your post, by default PDF Embedder will insert it as a shortcode: [pdf-embedder url="<url of PDF>"]. This will cause it to use the plugin's interactive viewer to display

Can I write PHP code to change the shortcode parameters?

You can set most settings in the Settings -> PDF Embedder page in WordPress. These apply to all embeds by default, but you can override the settings of individual embeds by manually adding shortcode parameters to the individual [pdf-embedder] shortcodes