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How best to add multiple PDFs to a single page or post

The Thumbnails plugin generates images of the PDF for you. You can display the thumbnails as a grid on a page or post; however, this is something you would do as part of editing your content rather than a plugin

Wrapping content around an embedded PDF

With a little bit of HTML / CSS you can accomplish this. You will likely want to set a default max-width in the plugin settings or you can use the width attribute to the shortcode to limit the viewer width

My Theme's menu bar or header obscures the full screen view of the PDF

To ensure the menu is behind the viewer when in full screen, you could try adding the following CSS to your theme's style.css or similar: .pdfemb-fsp-wrapper { z-index: 999999 !important; } You might need to increase the number to something

Hiding the embedder's border or changing color/styles

It should be possible to override the border color by adding something like this to your Theme's styles: div.pdfemb-viewer { border: 1px solid red !important; } To hide the border, you would use: div.pdfemb-viewer {      border: none !important;