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PDF Embedder Premium Release Notes

= 4.4.3 = Wrong extract folder name fix added = 4.4.2 = Added support for Italian language Added compatibility for WordPress 5.7 = 4.4.1 = Fix language compatibility issue in viewer Fixes JS and CSS files cache issue Added compatibility

Display PDF Download and Views in a Page or Post

Note: this code will only work with the Premium and Secure versions of the plugin and only with files served from the /wp-content/uploads directory on your server. You will need to write a bit of PHP for this feature. The

Automatically open in full screen mode?

There is no option to automatically open up in full screen mode. The best alternative is to create a 'full page' template in your theme that doesn't have many of the features of most pages (e.g. header menu and sidebars)

Download button opens PDF in a new tab

You may find that when you click on the 'download' button within the PDF viewer, the PDF opens in a new tab instead of downloading. This behavior normally happens in Chrome, and you might consider it annoying - when you

Keyboard Shortcuts for full screen mode

In full screen mode (Premium versions only), the following keyboard shortcuts can be used: Page Up / Down (Cmd + Up / Down on a Mac) - move to next/prev page Arrow keys - pan around the current page of

Problems on mobile devices

Sometimes mobile devices will cause problems: Image quality is low - PDF appears pixellated and unreadable, or Toolbar is difficult to locate - it keeps moving out of view These can be caused be conflicts within your own site's settings,