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PDF Embedder Secure Release Notes

= 4.4.5 = Added support for Italian language Added compatibility for WordPress 5.7 = 4.4.4 = Bug fixing for deny direct file access for different apache versions Added compatibility for WordPress 5.5.3 = 4.4.3 = Added compatibility for windows server

Display PDF Download and Views in a Page or Post

Note: this code will only work with the Premium and Secure versions of the plugin and only with files served from the /wp-content/uploads directory on your server. You will need to write a bit of PHP for this feature. The

Serving Protected Files under Nginx

For users of our PDF Embedder Secure plugin. If your web server is using the NGINX software at its heart (most WordPress installations run under Apache instead), then you will probably need to take extra steps to secure your /securepdfs/

How to Upgrade your Site to the Secure Version

A couple notes when upgrading from the Premium to the Secure plugin: You will receive a new plugin download and license (available on your Purchase History dashboard). You must deactivate the Premium version of the plugin before you activate the

Display PDFs to paying users only

PDF Embedder doesn't provide a way to accept payment from users before they are allowed to view a PDF, but PDF Embedder Secure can be used in conjunction with other plugins to ensure PDFs are not available until users have

Invalid PDF Structure

If you see 'Invalid PDF Structure' where you expected the PDF to display, this may be due to server configuration problems. Either the encrypted file isn't being streamed correctly to the browser (maybe due to gzip being applied incorrectly), or

PDF is not in secure mode, or 'disable right click' is not working

This only applies if you are using the Secure version of PDF Embedder. If you have the 'disable right click' option selected, but this doesn't seem to be effective, then most likely your PDF isn't uploaded in secure mode. Please

Secure PDFs are slow to load

The problem is the size of the file (in MB), unfortunately it just takes longer to process and transmit larger file sizes. Non-secure version of the file loads more quickly because there isn't an encryption overhead and it is possible

Can PDF Embedder Secure embed some 'secure' PDFs and some normal embeds on the same site?

Yes, if you purchase the PDF Embedder Premium Secure version then you can switch between 'secure' and normal modes. You should not also purchase the regular PDF Embedder Premium version. In Settings -> PDF Embedder / Secure tab, there is