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After PDF loads, the page is cut off vertically or cannot scroll

Some Themes have Javascript code that automatically adds scrollbars or positions other features depending on the exact height of every item on the page. However, because PDF Embedder changes height after the PDF is fully loaded, the Theme really needs to recalculate everything after the PDF loads. But unfortunately some Themes fail to account for this possibility, and they can display the page as truncated or without scrollbars when they are needed.

If the Theme cannot be fixed, a simple workaround may be to 'reserve' extra space for the full-height PDF. To do this, add some CSS code under Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS.

.pdfemb-viewer {
  height: 2000px !important;

You may need to experiment with the number used (2000 above) for best results.

With any problems, please email a link to the problem page to us.