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Crashing or blank pages on mobile devices

There are a couple things that you can try if you are experiencing crashing or blank pages when the viewer is loaded on mobile devices:

  1. The first thing to would check is the formatting of the document when it was created as a PDF, in particular, look at how the images have been added and if there are any layers or transparencies. These should be flattened when the PDF is rendered as they can create blank pages or other discrepancies in the appearance from the original.
  2. The next thing to try is to decrease the file size of the original document as this can cause the file to timeout when requested from the server. We have seen some remarkable compression from this free service that has helped other customers in the past. This will save data and decrease the loading time for your users in any case.
  3. You can also try the following to see if it makes a difference:
    • Open the PDF with Acrobat DC
    • Select "Save as another type", and Select PDF/A type.
    • Replace with the standard PDF file.

    About PDF/A type:

    Once you adjust the file format, upload it to your site (I would recommend altering the file name slightly so you know you are loading the revised document), and embed it again.

  4. Another possibility would be the fonts used within the PDF. Using a more universal font such as Arial / Helvetica may fix the issue.
  5. Finally, if you are seeing the issue in mobile devices, try enabling the option to "Disable Device Zoom" under the Mobile tab of the plugin settings. Often times, a mobile device will try to adjust the zoom level on the fly causing the page to reload and the document will fail to load completely as a result.