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Downloading the plugin or Upgrading the license

After purchase you will receive an email containing a link to download a ZIP file containing the plugin, and you will also receive a license key.

However, the link will expire after a week or so. If you need a new download link in the future, you can obtain this from our website as follows.

Go to the Login page of our website: or by clicking on theĀ My Account link in the main navigation.

Unless you have already set a password on your account, you will need to click Lost your password and enter the email address you used to purchase the plugin

Follow the link sent to your email address for setting a password and then logging in.

You should be taken to a page listing your purchases - click the 'My Purchases' link towards the top of the screen if not.

You can download the latest ZIP from there.

To view Upgrade options (e.g. to upgrade from 2-5 site license to an unlimited license) click 'View Licenses'.

Downloading with a Mac / Safari - installation error

Occasionally when trying to install a downloaded plugin using a Mac / Safari an error message is generated such as "The package could not be installed". This is due to the download being unzipped automatically when saved to your computer.

To fix the ZIP issue, you need to alter your Safari's default settings. You can do this by navigating Safari > Preferences > General and then uncheck "Open Safe Files After Downloading". This will prevent the download from being unzipped automatically.

You will then need to re-download the plugin ZIP file so it remains zipped. The plugin can now be uploaded the correct zipped format to your WP Admin > Plugins > Add New.

If your email address is not registered on our site

Please make sure you are trying to access the site using the email address you entered when you purchased the plugin.

If your most recent purchase was before 14 Feb 2017 then an account may not have been created automatically on our site.

In this case please get in touch via email asking us to create an account for you.