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Usage Tracking

Usage tracking is essential for our team to continuously improve our services and provide you with the best possible experience. It helps us identify and fix issues, optimize features, and enhance overall performance based on real-world usage.

In this article, we’ve shared the details that PDF Embedder collects through usage tracking.

PDF Embedder

  • PDF Embedder Version: The version number gives us information which versions of the plugin our users are still using on their sites.
  • PDF Files Count: To better understand the scale of future PDF-related features, we are collecting only the actual number of PDF files (no file names, no contents, no dates, etc.).
  • Plugin Settings: We use this data to understand how exactly we should configure plugin while testing a new version before release to avoid breaking compatibility with existing configurations.


  • WordPress Version: The version number gives us information which versions of WordPress we should still support in our future releases.
  • Active Theme/Plugins: We use this information to analyze which plugins we should pay extra attention to during our testing to make PDF Embedder work seamlessly with them.
  • Locale: We want PDF Embedder to be accessible to everyone, and knowing the site’s locale helps us focus our translation efforts.
  • Timezone: With users worldwide, understanding the densities within various time zones helps us provide optimal support coverage.
  • SSL Enabled: Although we believe every site should use an SSL certificate, knowing how many haven't yet helps with our testing.
  • Multisite: If a site is a multisite network, knowing the sub-site count helps us ensure PDF Embedder scales properly for large networks.
  • Site URL: The website address enables us to accurately store usage tracking records and avoid duplicate details.
  • Cache: Knowing whether the site uses cache plugins (that set the WP_CACHE constant) combined with the information about active plugins helps us with focusing our efforts on checking compatibility.

Web Server

  • PHP and MySQL Versions: These details ensure our testing procedures have adequate coverage to prevent compatibility issues.
  • Server Software: This indicates whether the web server software is Apache, Nginx, or similar, and is used for testing purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I opt into (or out of) usage tracking?

The answer depends on whether you're using the premium or free version of the PDF Embedder plugin.

If you have a paid PDF Embedder license, you are automatically opted into usage tracking. To disable this, please contact support for assistance.

If you're using PDF Embedder Lite and want to enable usage tracking to help us improve the product, go to the PDF Embedder » Settings page and check the "Allow Usage Tracking" box.

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