PDF Embedder Secure

Protect your PDF documents

Our premium PDF Embedder Secure plugin provides a simple but elegant viewer for your website visitors, with added encryption protection to ensure it is difficult for viewers to download or print the original PDF document.

This means that your PDF is unlikely to be shared outside your site where you have no control over who views, prints, or shares it.

Once the plugin is activated, simply click 'Add Media' when editing your WordPress post (or page), then drag-and-drop your PDF file and insert into your post. It's as easy as adding an image!

Here is a demonstration embed:


New - option to disable right-click mouse menu (to prevent use of 'Save Image' functionality).

Watermark to stamp your ownership

You can now specify 'watermark' text to appear transparently over your PDF, reminding users who owns the PDF, and optionally injecting the user's email address, full name, or username into the text to discourage them from sharing screenshots.

Please note that the watermark only appears in the viewer, it is not retained with the document if downloading is permitted. No version of the PDF Embedder plugin alters the original document in any way.

Extra Premium features

The Secure plugin also contains all the functionality of our regular Premium plugin, including mobile-friendly features.

Other premium features not available in the free version:

  • Continuous scrolling between pages
  • 'Download PDF' button allows users to obtain the original PDF
  • Jump straight to page by typing page number
  • Fully functioning hyperlinks
  • Track number of views and downloads
  • Unbranded - no wp-pdf.com link

Licenses and Purchasing

You can purchase by Credit Card or PayPal to download the plugin straight away.

Money-back guarantee: If you are not satisfied with our plugin, within 14 days of purchase we will happily refund the full amount if you do not wish to continue using it!

PDF Embedder Secure


Our license allows you to use the product indefinitely, and also includes support and updates for 12 months. See details.

Tested up to and supports WP 5.7.2 and PHP 7+

Note: You do NOT also need the regular Premium version of the plugin - the Secure version includes all regular Premium functionality plus the Secure mode.

Technical note: it can never be absolutely impossible for your users to obtain your source PDF since, after all, it is being displayed inside a web browser on their computer, over which they have full control. Ultimately, it is possible for the user to simply write down your content and produce their own version of the document, but the plugin makes it difficult and time consuming for most users to casually download your PDF 'to view offline' without realising they are doing something that you strictly forbid.