PDF Embedder Secure

A Secure PDF Experience in WordPress

Embed Mobile-friendly PDFs easily and securely in WordPress and prevent your viewers from downloading or printing your original files.

A Simple PDF Experience in WordPress

PDF Embedder Secure

Our PDF Embedder Secure plugin for WordPress provides a dynamic, secure, and elegant viewer for your website, with unique support for mobile devices.


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This plugin is the best

I have been using the PDF Embedder plugin on my client’s website for 2 years already.

He has some PDF documents that he needs to showcase on his website and this plugin is a great solution for this.

It’s the best plugin for displaying PDF documents on WordPress websites.


Exactly what I needed

After trying multiple PDF plugins, it was easy to select PDF embedder. It is extremely easy to use and works every time. What it displays is an image of the actual PDF with 

Scroll thru the doc, select a page, open in its own container, and print. I subsequently went to the reasonably priced Pro version in order to have a download option. Please keep up the great work. Thanks..


Dynamic and Secure PDF Embedding

Straightforward PDF documents in WordPress

Secured PDFs

Make it difficult for your users to download your original PDFs.

  • Disable right-click mouse menu to prevent the use of 'Save Image' functionality.
  • Add watermark text transparently over your PDF to deter screenshots.

The Premium version is not needed in addition to the Secure version. PDF Embedder Secure has all the features of Premium included!

Secured PDFs
Elegant Viewing

Elegant Viewing

PDF Embedder has the most impressive viewing experience of all PDF embedding plugins with continuous scrolling between pages, links, full-screen support, and more.

Ready for Mobile

Our mobile PDF viewer is as easy to use as uploading an image into WordPress and does not rely on any third-party services or iframes.

PDFs will be automatically sized to their natural size and shape.

Ready for Mobile
Built for Speed

Built for Speed

Our plugins have a unique method for embedding PDFs, using Javascript only, and not using iframes or third-party services which can suffer outages and slower speeds.

Upload PDFs to your Media Library and embed them straight into your site. It's just like adding images!

Features You Want

  • Continuous scrolling between pages
  • 'Download PDF' button allows users to obtain the PDF to read in their own choice of viewer
  • Full screen button
  • Fully functioning hyperlinks
  • Jump straight to page by typing page number
  • Track number of views and downloads
  • Unbranded - no wp-pdf.com link
Features You Want

We have used this on our multilingual sites for years. We did upgrade it to the paid version after only a few months of use. For a small price, it was worth it for users to be able to download the PDFs right from the toolbar in the displayed PDF.

- wppeggy


Works Flawlessly. Great Value!! I was looking around for a while and tested several plugins for PDF embedding. This is hands down the best one. No shoddy coding, no spammy stuff. PDF Embedder is the real deal! Thanks for a solid plugin guys.

- Martin Schoel

Martin Schoel

Great way to display PDFs. I have many PDF files that I would rather display in a post instead of provide a link. The information is more immediately available to the reader and the page looks better. This plugin works well. Thanks for the plugin.

- Hampton Roads Ship Model Society

Hampton Roads Ship Model Society

Secure PDF Viewing Demo

The PDF Embedder Secure plugin provides a simple but elegant viewer for your website visitors, with added encryption protection to ensure it is difficult for viewers to download or print the original PDF document.

This means that your PDF is unlikely to be shared outside your site where you have no control over who views, prints, or shares it.


Please note that the watermark only appears in the viewer, it is not retained with the document if downloading is permitted. No version of the PDF Embedder plugin alters the original document in any way.

Mobile PDF Viewing Demo

Other document viewers are cumbersome for users with small screens.

Making it difficult to position the document entirely within the screen.

PDF Embedder Premium solves this problem with an intelligent 'full screen' mode.

When the document is smaller than a certain width, the document displays only as a 'thumbnail' with a large 'View in Full Screen' button for the user to click when they want to study your document.

This opens up the document so it has the full focus of the mobile browser

Click Exit to return to the regular web page.

Click 'View in Full Screen' on the phone image to try it out!

Desktop PDF Viewing Demo

Fixed toolbar including download and full-screen buttons, hyperlinks demonstrated.


Toolbar appears on hover, at top and bottom. Downloads disabled.