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PDF Thumbnails Premium Release Notes

= 1.4.3 = Bug fixing of thumbnail generation at the time of uploading the PDF Added the WordPress 5.6 compatibility = 1.4.2 = Updated to use the latest rendering library pdf.js. Fixes some 'strange character' issues amongst other improvements. No

PDF Embedder Release Notes

Please see for the release notes on the free version of the plugin.

PDF Embedder Secure Release Notes

= 4.4.4 = Bug fixing for deny direct file access for different apache versions Added compatibility for WordPress 5.5.3 = 4.4.3 = Added compatibility for windows server users Added compatibility for un-minified JS users Fixes added for the cache plugins

PDF Embedder Premium Release Notes

= 4.4.1 = Fix language compatibility issue in viewer Fixes JS and CSS files cache issue Added compatibility for WordPress 5.3.2 = 4.4 = Added compatibility for WordPress 5.3 Fixes multiple PDF rendering issues in viewer = 4.3 = Fixed